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Jungle Jim Liberman Nova Funny Car, Don Gay GTO Funny Car, 60s Drag racing 60s Drag Racing Painting, 1968 GTO, 1960 Corvette, Christmas Tree, Burnout St. Ignace, Car Show, 40 Ford Coupe, 53 Studebaker St. Ignace, Car Show, Cruising, Corvette Grand Sport, 33 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Stone Woods Cook, Big John Mazmanian, 60s Drag Racing, Gasser, Willys, Fontana California Drag Strip Top Fuel, nitro, rails, 60s Drag Racing, Burn out, blown Chrysler Hemi Top Fuel, nitro, rails, 60s Drag Racing, Burn out, blown Chrysler Hemispacer

The first drag race Bruce ever attended was an A/FX drag car meet at the South Glens Falls Drag Way in Upstate New York in 1965. He still loves the altered wheel base 65-66 A/FX Plymouth and Dodge drag cars with the injector stacks sticking through the hood. The 60s-early 70s was the golden age of drag racing when the little guy could still compete with a home built Willys or 55 Chevy Gasser or even a rail. There's still nothing cooler than a 55 Chevy with no front bumper, opened up rear wheel wells, moon tank and nose high attitude. Bruce started going to Lebanon Valley Dragway and spent nights and weekends helping out on a team running out of a dyno-tune shop in Albany, New York. Memory is a little fuzzy, but they ran a SS/C1969 427 Camaro, an F/Stock Cobra Jet Mustang and a bunch of Pontiac drag cars at NHRA tracks all over the Northeast. They figured because he was in art school, Bruce could letter race cars. Bruce got a quick education in gold and silver leaf and airbrushing and had a lot of fun. He even got to airbrush the body details on one of local legend Ron Scott's funny cars. Bruce plans on doing more 60s period drag racing art.

Bruce was commissioned to create the art for the St. Ignace, Michigan car show posters in 1997 and 1998.