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Welcome to Automotive artist, Bruce Kaiser has been drawing, sketching and painting cars his whole life. He grew up in the 60s hanging out at the local A&W Drive-In first on his bike and later with his first cars. It was the golden age of Detroit's great muscle cars and the images and sounds of hot cars under the lights at a local hamburger place still influence his car paintings today. Kaiser strives to capture those perfect summer nights as he remembers them in his paintings. The local drag strip had drag racing Friday nights and he spent many nights there trying to catch the excitement of 60s-70s funny cars and dragsters under the lights on film and now with brush and paint. His paintings feature the great muscle cars and hot rods like GTOs, Camaros, Hemi-Cudas, Novas, Chevelle SS, Mustangs, 32 Ford coupes, Yenko Camaros, Super Bees, 40 Ford Coupes and many more. Bruce likes to show the cars in his paintings as he remembers them as a kid, not as pristine new muscle cars, but as cars that were modified and raced like a SS Chevelle with mags or a 55 Chevy with cut out fenders. Many of his hot rod and muscle car paintings are for sale as limited edition signed and numbered prints.

Bruce Kaiser also does car concept drawings for custom car builders like Posies Rods and Customs and is available to do renderings of your car project. It's helpful to see your project as an accurate drawing before you begin. He is available If you would like to commission a one-of-a-kind painting of your car.

If you have a business and need custom art created for a catalog cover, T-shirt or exploded views for instruction sheets, or any graphic design, give Bruce Kaiser a call.

NEW!! Hot Rod and Muscle Car Art Puzzles
Bruce's muscle car and hot rod art prints are now available as puzzles made by Master Pieces. Some are available now as 1000 piece puzzles and some in neat collector tins. This is a great way to collect prints that have sold out long ago. You just have to put them together!

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