Woodward Ave muscle cars, GTO, hemi-cuda-Yenko Camaro

Woodward Avenue

"Woodward Avenue" ...is a new limited edition print from automotive artist Bruce Kaiser. This scene depicts Detroit's famous Woodward Ave., legendary for serious street racing in the late 60s and early 70s. Woodward was unique because of the rumored "back door" involvement of the Big Three with some late night "testing sessions". Its three lanes in each direction were divided by a center meridian and turnarounds made it ideal for cruising. The Totem Pole restaurant was the unofficial start of the 14 mile circuit. This print features a '69 Royal Bobcat GTO (with a factory prototype RAM-AIR V motor), '70 Hemi Cuda, '69 Yenko Camaro and Max Wedge Dodge.

500 lithographs have been reproduced from the original painting on a heavy-dull coated stock, each signed and numbered by the artist.

Size 19 x 28"
$49.50 SOLD OUT
Numbered Artist proof
$70.00 SOLD OUT
Unnumbered Artist proof

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